Who Have You Met

We all know of Jamie’s love of meeting celebrities. I believe it began in that dressing room of Willowbrook Mall in New Jersey, when she heard the melodious tunes of her favorite boy band, O’Town, resounding in the air of the nearby dressing room. She probably began to hyperventilate at that moment and then asked me for paper for an autograph. All I had was a wrinkled piece of notebook paper, so that had to do. Thus began her obsession.

When we moved to Chapel Hill, she and Casey were thrilled when they learned of an annual celebrity golf tournament which was played at the Duke University golf course. They got photos with Jeff Foxworthy, Screech and Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell, Leann Hunley from Dawson’s Creek. Not the biggest stars, but it was fun for them.

John Edwards lived in our neighborhood, so she met him twice—once at a book signing and a second time at a local birthday party. Those were the days when he was Carolina’s beloved boy, but Jamie returned both times and claimed he was not what he seemed. And soon our family, and all of America, soon learned how correct she was.

On my birthday while we were living in Atlanta, I accompanied her on a book signing for a children’s craft book written by Rosie O’Donnell. Jamie took advantage of her youthful appearance to move to the children’s line, looking one of the organizer’s in the eye saying, “I am fifteen” when she clearly was not.

She met members of the Jonas brothers on several occasions. Once in North Carolina, and another time it was Kevin at a garage sale at the home of their grandmother. She even purchased a few Grandma-Jonas trinkets for her apartment. She scored a second photo with Kevin in the produce department of her local supermarket. Way to go, Jamie!

After meeting one of the Housewives from New Jersey a second time, she was asked if they had met previously. I guess when the celebrities recognize you, it is time to back off a bit! There are at least four more pictures of her with the Housewives of NJ, which I think interest few outside the tri-state area! Sorry Jamie!

Steve Guttenberg was a favorite crush from her youth, so she was thrilled when she met him as well as the late Jeanne Cooper from the Young and the Restless and Richard Herman from Richie Rich.

Geoff has been a good sport accompanying her on occasion, as they met Pen and Teller on their honeymoon, Billy Bob Thornton at a book signing, and another character from the Y&R—the villainous Patty Williams who was at a celebrity event at a nearby hotel.

She has pics with a monkey named Mickey, an ex-president named Bill, the daughter of a go-go dancer from Laugh-In named Kate, and a Freddie Junior married to Michelle.

Last week she met Jamie Lee Curtis, who wrote a book Jamie (and me) both love. It is a book about immigrant children.  (See Packing Up Your Past) Ms. Curtis wrote something like, “From Jamie to Jamie (and her kids.)”

All I have met is an Irish Prime Minister. I have a lot of catching up to do!




One thought on “Who Have You Met

  1. True, but a lot of people are only mildly impressed with a lot of the people I’ve met. People are always very impressed when I tell them the story of how you met the prime minister!


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