Our Brigadoon Story

I recently heard a song which reminded me of a story—one which is fitting as we approach Labor Day weekend. I know you all are familiar with the story I am about to tell you, but perhaps not the song associated with the idea behind the tale.

The song I heard was from an old Gene Kelly movie called Brigadoon, which is about a couple of American tourists who stumble upon a small Scottish village which appears for only one day every one hundred years.

That was my inspiration for finally saying yes to Dad’s marriage proposal. He had asked way too early in our relationship, so I told him I would bring up the subject if and when I was ready, and he was not to ask again.

I decided that the Ferris wheel at the Boonton Firemen’s Fair was very “Brigadoon-ish,” since it did not always exist. Obviously I could not replicate the exact “one day in 100-year” scenario, but I decided that something which reappeared four days each year followed the spirit of the fairytale.

So I waited until the ride came to a halt at the top and turned to Dad and said, “Yes.” Now thirty-nine years later, he is still making me laugh. Unfortunately, we will not be in Boonton to ride that Ferris wheel this weekend. Maybe next year.

Welcome to Boonton