Too Many Toys!

Now that I have two grandchildren, toys are returning to my life again. I am looking at the Legos, puzzles, trains, dolls, and Play-Doh and thinking back on the playthings of your childhood. I went to the Internet, and was surprised that there were very few toys popular in the 90s that the three of you did not own. In fact, when I viewed one list of the top one-hundred toys of that time period, there were only thirty that I believe none of you owned.  Some of them are still in my house today.

I never understood Pogs, the little half-dollar-sized cardboard disks that you bought and collected. They are still a big hit with the baby of this family. What was the fascination with them?


Remember the Furby? He was that strange owl-like creature that spoke some weird language that morphed into English over time. I remember that it was such a hot toy, that I hid one for a friend who was on her way to Toys R Us, because she was worried she wouldn’t get there in time. Heaven furbid her daughter did not get a Furby that Christmas! Would she be ostracized?


“Bop It” was another mysterious audio toy. You followed a series of instructions which continuously increased in speed: “pull it, twist it, bop it.” This is another toy I don’t understand, but I will try it out on Bryce and report back to you.

Bop It

The Tamagotchi was the digital pet about the size of a key chain which had to be fed, cleaned, and put to bed. They were annoying and I don’t believe they lasted long.

There were too many Barbies in our house. I had none, but you all know you had a bunch of them as well as clothes and accessories—the most infamous being the car which I threw out of Casey’s window onto the deck when I got mad at her that time. I am sorry to say I have none left.

Check out the list and see how many of these top eighty-eight toys at least one of you had: Best Toys of the 90s. Trust me, you will be shocked.

There are the Cabbage Patch dolls and babies which are still in my attic, along with a plethora of Beanie Babies, which have been appearing on Facebook just this past week with the claims that some of them can make you rich. I don’t believe for a second that the purple Princess Di Beanie Baby will fetch anywhere near the seventy-five grand that the Facebook article claims. But if you want, come to my house and go through the boxes upstairs.

Beanie Baby

Skip-Its and hula hoops at least provided some exercise, and as I recall, Jamie won a hula hoop contest at Dad’s company picnic. I still have two left in my crawl space if any of you want to try a rematch.

Remember collecting Care Bears and going to garage sales looking for a particular favorite with your cousins? Other useless collectible you all had were trolls, Polly Pockets, and My Little Ponies.

Then there are the classic games like Monopoly, Life, Twister, Uno, Yahtzee, Trouble, Sorry, Memory, and another not-so-famous garage sale purchase called Mall Madness, which was missing a few important pieces, so you cleverly fixed it using some Legos. Remember Labyrinth, Hungry-Hungry Hippos, Boggle, Mad Libs, Clue,  the Ouija Board,  and the fishing game, which did not make the list but should have since it still exists today?

So I have concluded that you all had too many toys, but at least most of these were toys that you played with each other or alone using your imagination. This is far better than sitting and staring at an IPhone or other electronic device where there is no interaction with real people. Next, I have to see what I had back in my day.




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