A Lollapalooza of a List

Mock my word list no more, girls. I am in good company. The list I am referring to is my “good words/bad words” list that I have been accumulating for a while now—a list filled with a plethora of luscious words.

My book club is currently reading the book “My Reading Life,” which was written by the very well-respected Southern writer—the late great Pat Conroy. In one fell swoop, I felt vindicated by the comment about his list of words he also created to be used in his writing. While you may all believe this to be a dubious statement, I kid you not.

I do not want my writing to become boring, and I want it to sound as if I have a modicum of intelligence as I record these stories. Dad and I began creating this list together—a fun game which has become quite whimsical to us, but for the most part this is my creation and I am not in cahoots with him.

At night when I begin to discuss my words, it is sometimes difficult for Dad to get a word in edgewise as I engage in what may seem like a filibuster to him.

But now, as I look at the clock and see that dinner time is approaching, I must go down to the bodega and pick up the ingredients for our dinner. I was thinking of making gazpacho and some chimichangas, so I need to get in my car stat and head out, copy that?

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