We Just Wanted to See Casper

You live in a world where getting information at the snap of a finger is normal. It is so much more difficult to get lost because we have our GPS devices in our cars or maps on our telephones. Yet I know you are old enough to remember the days before our many devices directed us towards our destinations.

Today, I would like to discuss our trip to Memphis in 1995—specifically, the trip to the movies.

Dad was working there for about a year, and we had driven down to visit him and see the sights. One day, you all wanted to go to the movies. I’m not sure which one. It really doesn’t matter, but still, I Googled movies out during that summer and up popped “Casper” starring Christina Ricci. That must be the one.

Anyway, back to my story. We set off in our green minivan from our hotel, headed in the direction of the theater. Obviously, I was not familiar with the area one bit and I am directionally challenged. I am the first to admit it now to Dad. I cannot hide the fact after so many years together.

Iit was just a short drive away, and I had already traveled so far with little trouble (except driving around Washington DC, but that’s another story) from New Jersey to Tennessee so I thought this was going to be easy peasy. I was wrong!

We were driving merrily along the highway when we came to a sign—the proverbial fork in the road. My choice was to head e1ither toward Jackson, Mississippi or St. Louis, Missouri. There was no indication which direction to choose when looking for the movie theater.

I panicked and chose the wrong direction which resulted in us arriving at the theater two hours late. So we saw the next show, and I somehow figured out how to drive directly back to the hotel. I probably asked, which is why, to this day, I say it took two hours to drive to the theater and fifteen minutes for the return trip.


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