We Deserved a Break This Morning

Dad and I just returned from a short road trip to Maryland, where we finally visited Casey in her new apartment. We had a great weekend (No lie, Casey!). We saw how close she is to the Metro so I no longer need to worry about her walk home. She and Chris took us out to a variety of walkable-to-their-apartment ethnic and themed restaurants.

We started our tour of Silver Spring with a chicken restaurant: choose the type of chicken and the sauce; then moved on to Sunday lunch/brunch at a dim sum restaurant. That evening we tried Lebanese food, which was like Al Amir here in Columbia. Monday we had pizza for lunch followed by a great noodle restaurant for dinner.

Dad and I had a curry noodle dish, Chris has an Italian pesto/pasta meal, while Casey had a salad. At most of the restaurants, we ordered our meals at the counter, were given a number to display on the table, and then our food was delivered to us.

Next time I would like to try the Cuban restaurant as well as a dumpling place. This is something we never see in our little city.

On Tuesday, we left very early for home, determined to beat the early morning Washington, DC rush-hour traffic. I am happy to say that, in theory, we could have made it home in seven hours. Of course, we made a few stops along the way: breakfast, potty, and outlet stop so I could pick up a new purse.

Breakfast was the most surprising stop, particularly so because we stopped at McDonald’s. Dad and I got our usual breakfast entrees: An Egg McMuffin for Daddy and oatmeal for me. I mentioned to the cashier that I love their oatmeal, and she cheerfully told me that she was happy that I loved it. Her smile and demeanor seemed genuine.

Then came the surprise. She handed us a number (just like in the Maryland restaurants) and instructed us to be seated. Within a very short time, our meal was delivered to our table!! Remember, we are talking about McDonald’s.

We were shocked and very impressed. It made our trip at this so very American fast-food icon seem slightly elegant. And may I add that although their bathroom did not rate a “10” on my very picky bathroom rating scale, they did try. In both the Ladies’ Room and the Men’s Room (according to Dad), a real (not plastic) orchid was sitting on both sinks.

Good job McDonald’s!

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