My Little Publicist

I got a text from Kelly today. She told me that she was looking at the Amazon listing of my book on her phone. Bryce noticed and said, “Wait a second Mommy! I saw Grandma’s book.” She then said “So he is proud of you too.”

That means a lot to me, and I appreciate that she passed that conversation on to me. I am impressed that he noticed. He’s a smart little boy and he remembers everything, so keep that in mind when talking to or in earshot of him. Kids are like that, and never forget that all your conversations can and will be repeated!

The reason he knew about my book was that last week, I showed him the cover and pointed to the photo of twelve year old Grandpa. I said, “That little boy’s name is Martin, just like you.” Remember, Martin is his middle name. He smiled and remembered our conversation when he saw my book on the Internet today.

Perhaps he can be my publicist!

Front Cover- May 2
Grandpa is the boy with the life vest

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