Cashing in the Flowers

Pick a flower

And you will see

The jobs you’ll pick

This week for me!

Mothers Day Flowers

Does this sound familiar girls? This was you first grade Mother’s Day Card to me. Sorry to say, Jamie and Casey, that Kelly was smart enough to remove hers from the house. Apparently, I never cashed in the flowers, so on your next visit, I plan to pick the flowers and put the two of you to work.

There was some overlap. Both of you offered to wash the dishes, which is clearly not a good chore since we have a dishwasher. I will make sure we cook something with lots of pots and pans with messy, caked on food particles.

Your both offered to help cook dinner. I will happily cash in Jamie’s purple flower and Casey’s pink, knowing what great and adventurous cooks you both have become.

The remaining flowers in each vase have different chores. Jamie will make ALL the beds, set the table, spell her name right (It took a while for her to realize I did not spell it the French way: Jaime.), and the best, which never needs asking was to “give you a kiss and a hug.”

Casey will wash the table, dust the stairs (no dust buster for you there), get the mail, and fold the laundry. What—no kisses and hugs?

I must mention another card I found from Jamie. It was a “fill in the blank card,” and there are two particular things she liked about me. Item #6: “I love to hear my Mom sing the On Top of Spaghetti Song.” I always liked that song and need to teach it to Bryce and Lily. “I lost my poor meatball when somebody sneezed…”

#3 was the best and most accurate of them all. “I know my mom is smart because she knows everything.” This is still so very true.

I will not get eggs, toast, juice and tea delivered by the three of you this year and any other years now. But I will never forget. You always made my Mother’s Days very happy. Thank you!

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