Children Just Don’t Care

We are in the middle of the 2016 presidential election primary season. I like spring, summer, and fall much more. I am tired of the length of the process. The British and Irish are so much smarter, because it’s done in 4-6 weeks.

All I want is to be happy, safe, and to have enough money to last until my unfortunate demise. (And to be able to get my favorite flavor of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream). This is what I want for all of you, but I am sure your definitions of happiness are not the all same.

I don’t care who anyone marries or where they go to the bathroom, and I don’t think children will be scarred by gays, lesbians and transgender people. In fact, I believe that my future sixteen year old granddaughter(s) could potentially be threatened more by her twenty-two year teacher than a gay man. During my high school days, I know of at least two cases when teachers married their students, and even then, the sky did not fall.

I did not realize that I held these liberal (evil word) views twenty years ago until Casey pointed this out to me this week. She told me about an event that happened to her when she was a little girl.

So when I was six, I was playing with my dollhouse, and I was placing them all into little families, etc. I obviously had more girl dolls than boy dolls, and I wanted them each to be paired up—nobody to be alone.

So I asked you if girls ever marry girls instead of boys. I’m 99% sure you were on the phone at the time with someone. So you paused and said, “Sometimes in some places.”

So then none of my dolls were alone and I wasn’t emotionally traumatized or confused. And that was the story about how I learned about gay marriage.

I was happy to learn that she remembered this and that I answered her question honestly and age-appropriately. Why can’t people stop worrying about everyone else? Go to work, come home and have dinner, and just worry about your own business. (And, as an aside, if someone wants to blow themselves up, then be my guest, but leave everyone else out of your plans.)

Clearly Casey’s life was not ruined by our conversation. I think children are much more accepting than some people believe. They learn to happily play in the same sandbox with other children. They do not see the differences, and they don’t refuse to interact with others who look or talk differently. Adults can learn a lot from children.


3 thoughts on “Children Just Don’t Care

  1. I think you should share this or if you don’t want to look pretentious I’ll be happy to. People need to read this! Just let me know. I don’t want to share without your permission


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