Coloring and Hunting and Lots of Goodies

Christmas or Easter? From my point of view as a parent, I liked Easter better. There was little shopping except for the jelly belly beans, chocolate, and egg-coloring kits. As someone who hates to shop, that makes Easter the hands-down winner.

Remember the Jelly Belly Bean combinations? I don’t recall your childhood favorites, but I found a few potential adult recipes. Happy Hour = 1 Pina Colada + 1 Margarita + 1 Strawberry Daiquiri; Hot Wings = 2 Roasted Garlic + 1 Tabasco + 1 Jalapeno; French Vanilla Coffee=1  French Vanilla + 1 Cappuccino.. Try them and let me know.

Yesterday, as I stood outside in my short-sleeved shirt watching the excited little children gathering plastic eggs in the soccer field near the YMCA, I was reminded of the years when I took the three of you to the field on Changebridge Road to meet the bunny and gather eggs. Usually, we were attired in either winter jackets or sweaters.

Easter bunnies

As both a child and parent, I enjoyed coloring the eggs by dipping them in the red, green, blue, and yellow vinegary solutions. When you were very young, the eggs were colored in single colors, and as you got older, you got more creative. You wrote your names or made designs using crayons prior to dying the eggs, and later, you dipped them in multiple colors. There was some kind of kit that enabled you to create eggs with swirly designs on each. And as Bryce reminded us today, if you dip the eggs in every color, the result is a brown egg.

When I was little, the Easter Bunny hid the hard-boiled eggs around our house, and somehow, we never got sick. Then someone in the medical or scientific field announced that eggs left out more than two hours would cause “a serious intestinal infection”—oh my! From then on, we’d color the eggs, refrigerate them, and leave out plastic eggs for the bunny to hide.

As you got more sophisticated, you demanded more of a challenge, requesting that the bunny hide the eggs in “very hard spots” and “the baskets harder.” So your request became our call to become more creative, but still, I enjoyed the fruits of your baskets—the chocolate bunnies, pastel M&M’s, and even some Easter Reece’s Pieces. (Never the Peeps though!)

Easter Letter from Kelly

To the two of you who are not mothers, do you color the eggs or buy the candy? Hope you enjoyed your Easters!


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