Don’t worry kids. Dad and I are not leaving the country despite what I am about to say regarding the United Kingdom. But it will be really tempting if Donald Trump moves into the White House.

What did I like about London? I will mention a few, which are not in any particular order.

  • The accent. Who doesn’t love that accent! Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Helen Mirin, Kiera Knightly, Paul McCartney, Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet.
  • The expressions. The weatherman would announce that there would be clouds “bubbling up on the coast today,” and I heard someone else say, “I had a cracking good time or a “jolly good time.” (So much better than “I had a great time!”). “Mate” rather than “friend”, and they don’t go to the bathroom. They “go to the loo.”
  • Great Indian and Thai food. I know, I know. We can get that in New York.
  • Amazing architecture. You can’t get that here. Our buildings, even our oldest, are only a few hundred years old. Dad loved seeing a very old castle near a very modern egg-shaped building.London-Modern Buildings London Skylline
  • Short election cycles. Need I say more this year? In England, it last about 38 days from start to finish, and in Ireland, the most recent election was 3 weeks. That right there is a wonderful reason to relocate..
  • The monarchy. Although our family has its own (I am the queen and Casey has always been the family princess), everyone loves the latest news about William, Kate, and the kids. Casey has always had a thing for Harry. They live in palaces and we have a white house.London-Buckingham Pallace
  • No guns. Not to get political, but I felt a lot safer walking the streets of London knowing how difficult it was to get a gun there. Sorry, but I just did.
  • The pomp and circumstance: This can be seen with the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and the coronation of kings and queens. We saw what I assume was some kind of practice session on a boulevard near the palace with horses and uniformed men prancing down the street. Very cool. The closest I see here is at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington and our presidential inauguration.London Horses
  • No tipping. Apparently they pay their wait staff a living wage so that tipping is done for extraordinary service, but is not necessary.

However, despite all these positive attributes, I don’t like the rain and cold temperatures compared with what I have here. And most importantly, my family is here. So it is in the good old USA that Dad and I will stay.



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