The Summer of Almost Awesome

Jamie, I am looking at your sixth grade “summer fun” assignment. While it may not have been as good as Casey’s—The Summer of Awesome—it was still filled with fun and quite prophetic. In July we went to Kiawah Island for a week with Dad’s friend John and his family. That was our little beach retreat that we discovered after we abandoned the Jersey shore the summer that medical wastes began to wash up on the beaches.

Dad enjoyed going there for the golf, and I played some tennis with at least one of you. We enjoyed riding our bikes throughout the island, including on the beaches. When you were younger, you went to Camp Kiawah.

I turned the page of your summer travel brochure to see the three of you posing at Rainbow Row in Charleston. Who would ever have guessed that fifteen years later, Kelly would give birth to a baby boy in that very city? At the time, we were all Jersey girls, and the idea that some of us would ever become Southern Belles one day would have been inconceivable.

Continuing through your pamphlet, I learned that the four of us girls, along with Grandma, took a trip to Peddler’s Village in Pennsylvania. We all loved meandering through the shops, ending our day at the bakery to bring home some goodies and their wonderful English muffin bread.

You went to the Lake Hiawatha Swim Club another day, a club you joined seventeen years later with your husband. For two weeks that summer, you took tennis lessons (at the Knoll?).

For your eleventh birthday we took you to Medieval Times. You loved eating, watching the fake jousting events while we ate our dinner, and probably picked up an autograph or two from a few knights in shining armor.

You enjoyed hitting the hot tub with the family, your cousins, and a few friends, which is something we can rarely do during the summers down here now.  We wrapped up the summer with a trip to Dorney Park, also in Pennsylvania.

So that summer we did not go on any trips involving air travel, which was probably a good thing for you since you have never been comfortable on planes. Still, it looks to me that we managed to give you a very fun summer. Do you remember the summer of 1998?

Rainbow Row 1998

Hot Tub- 1998


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