Miles Apart Now

You know I went to two colleges—Douglass, which was the girls’ college of Rutgers, and then junior year I transferred to Montclair State. The order was so wrong. Starting out living away and then spending the last two years as a commuter was not a good idea from a social standpoint. But I had a lot of reasons, so I had to figure out how to meet people.

My friend, Lisa, started out at Montclair from the beginning, and I knew her because we had the same uncle although we were not related to each other. Growing up, I occasionally got thrown together with her so we naturally gravitated to each other. when I transferred. Lisa’s BFF was Mitzie, who went to Seton Hall, so on the weekends we all spent time together.

We were always looking for something to do. One night, we were so bored that we started calling Fairleigh Dickinson dorms in the hopes of finding something to do. We didn’t.

Another time, we staged a kidnapping.  I believe Mitzie was the victim. We blindfolded her and drove to a drive-in movie theater on Route 10 in Morris Plains.  I don’t recall the movie, but I remember the laughter.

One summer, we took a trip to Wildwood Crest.  I think the three of us, along with another friend, got an inexpensive hotel somewhere. We didn’t have a lot of money, so we cooked some of our dinners. Since I had spent so many summers there with my family, it was exciting to finally spend my vacation there with just my friends. So many kids today take off for Florida or the Caribbean, but for me, this was my big college trip.

I always felt so jealous of the two of them because they dated so much more than me in college. It was ironic that I ended up the first to marry!  But all three of us are still married to our original spouses, which is quite unusual these days.

Daddy had that apartment in Knoll Gardens—the same complex where Jamie and Geoff also began their marriage. After we got engaged, I spent a lot of time at Dad’s apartment preparing for the reception with my friends while he was off traveling.  That was during the disco era. We practiced our disco moves so we would be able to perform on the big day.  Those were happy memories for me, so it is sad that the three of us are so far apart geographically.

I never made it to Lisa’s wedding.  I always felt bad about that.  Her wedding was the same weekend Dad’s father died so it was unavoidable, but I was still so sorry for missing out on her day.  She got married in her home somewhere in New Jersey and then settled down in Pittstown—in Huntertown County. She is still in the same house so many years later.

Mitzie and I, however, have not had such deep roots.  Who has had more homes?  She had five homes in four states while I had six homes in five states so I am the winner. I guess that is because I married the Wandering Jew.


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