Not a Blizzard, but Still a Headache

February 3, 1985 was the date of Kelly’s christening. We were living “all the way up” in Westchester County, New York. At that time, 287 had not been completed to the New York border, so the ride to our house was not quite seventy miles, which is about the same distance as the ride to Aunt El’s. For some reason, most of our guests usually spent the night when they visited us.

We invited more relatives from New Jersey than we could provide overnight accommodations, so they would all be doing the trip in one day. Unfortunately, we had a snowstorm the night before, so we were quite concerned that the christening would have to be postponed. We did not want to do this because we had the food prepared and cake ordered,  and I was worried about having it too late. After all, I was just seventeen days old at my christening, so six weeks seemed like I was pushing the christening envelope.  If something happened to her, where would she go–heaven or limbo? The show had to go on, so Dad was assigned shoveling duty, and I was assigned prayer.

Maybe we had less snow than predicted, or maybe we were worried about everyone coming, but not leaving. I was a very nervous and inexperienced host in those days. Looking at the photos and the video, I think we were just wimps.

It was very cold that day, but the ceremony was in the afternoon so everyone had plenty of time to make the journey. Kelly did not have a pretty christening gown but rather a white sweater set. Everyone made it, including Aunt Marian and Uncle Tony, and the priest did not have a nasty attitude toward Dad like the priest at Casey’s christening in New Jersey. I would have been hunting for a new religion if that had happened the first time around.

St. Patricks Church- Kelly Christening


Gene Karen Kelly- Christening

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