She Had What Removed- Part 2

I told all of you that you could bypass a purchased gift and write me a memory letter for Mother’s Day/Christmas/birthday at any time. Casey took me up on the offer one year. I am not certain when or for which occasion. She wrote about seven great memories she had of the two of us. Memory #6 was about the Googly. (She spelled it “googaly” so I stand corrected.) Since I recently wrote about this event from my perspective (She Had What Removed), I thought it would be fun to share the story from her perspective.

I was legitimately terrified about getting my googaly. I thought it was it. I wasn’t going to make it to my tenth birthday. This was the end.

Besides the impending feelings of doom, there are two things I remember most about the ordeal. The first is being told I could eat anything in the world I wanted after the surgery and deciding I wanted chicken fingers.

The second is curling up in a hospital bed with you and reading “A Wrinkle in Time” together. For a brief period of time, you helped me feel better and I forgot about the fact that I only had hours left to live.

This wasn’t unique to my googaly, however. You always made me feel better when I was sick (and I was sick a lot). You always made up a nice bed for me on the couch. I never felt scared or alone when I was sick. Because of you, no matter what I had, I always knew I was going to get better.

I guess the side effects of the drugs and fear in Casey are endless chatter. I did not recall the chicken fingers or the book, but I am glad to know I was such a comfort. Grandma always made up a bed on the couch when we were sick, so I guess I just did what came naturally. Isn’t that what all moms did?


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