The Summer of Awesome-2000

The summer of Y2K was extremely fun-filled, according to Casey’s “Summer Fun” assignment for her sixth grade English class. I am not going to go into the panic that the world was feeling because of the wacko fears that something horrific would happen or that the world would end. We all know that, unless you don’t because you are reading this many years in the future and were not born yet.

In June we went to Houston for Aunt Linda’s wedding. Poor Jamie! She had to spend her thirteenth birthday on an airplane, and we all know about Jamie’s paranoia about air travel. But I tried to ease her anxieties by bringing along mommy’s cupcakes and some decorations so we could all celebrate at thirty thousand feet. This turned out to be good for me as well because I shared our goodies with the flight attendants, who in turn, gave me a free drink.

Aunt Linda announced Jamie’s birthday to all her guests, so she could bask in the glory of her temporary family fame. We swooped in for the wedding, and since she and Phil were leaving on a cruise, we did not stay in Houston.

We did quite the tour of Florida after Texas, first stopping at the home of our old friends from Yorktown Heights, New York, who had relocated to Naples. Next, we visited Dad’s friend, Jerry in Tampa, where we went to a place called Adventure Island. You all (including Daddy) enjoyed the go carts, video games, and mini-golf.

How could we go to the Sunshine State without a stop at Disney World? We drove there from Tampa and stayed at Port Orleans. It all sounded so good during the planning stages, but Disney World Independence Day 2000 was a madhouse. The lines were ridiculous, and even the fast track tickets resulted in long waits.

The 4th of July Fireworks from Epcot were memorable, and so was the very long journey back to our hotel. The crowds were so unpleasant that none of you wanted to return for one more day at one of the most fun places on the planet.

In July, I took Jamie, Casey and Carly to Madison Square Garden to see NSYNC. What an amazing mom I am! I really do not enjoy going to concerts with young teenage girls. That is when I developed my concert earplugs, which made me friends with all the other moms surrounding me. Concert earplugs are constructed with wadded-up tissues, which are carefully inserted in one’s ear. They are quite effective. I used them for NSYNC, O-TOWN, an American Idol Concert in Charlotte, and a recent football game here in Columbia where I had a shrieker from Florida sitting behind us.

The following week, I also took the three of you to Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags with Aunt El and the kids. You enjoyed the water rides. Was there a lazy river for wimpy me?

Before that summer came to a close, Dad and I took you to Liberty Science Center. Apparently there was a roller coaster exhibit. As the family chicken, that is about as close to a roller coaster that I would go.

Holy Cow! Was I awesome! I also took you all into New York City to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We had a very New York lunch—hotdogs on the steps of the museum.

Sadly, the summer had to end. That meant purchasing your school supplies and clothes. That was the infamous trip to Willowbrook Mall. You know the trip. That was probably the birth of Jamie’s insanity with celebrities. We were in the dressing room trying on clothes. It was a coed room as you all know. Suddenly, from the dressing room next to us came some music. It was the new boy band O-Town, doing their preconcert shopping. I searched in my purse and found a scrap of paper—the infamous autograph paper which still stands framed today.

Can you girls ever compete with me??

Girls at Liberty Park- Summer 2000
              Girls at Liberty Park- Summer 2000
O-Town Autograph 2000 Willowbrook Mall
     O-Town Autograph 2000 Willowbrook Mall

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