The Waiting Game- Part 2

We were waiting—again—all day. Gigi and Pops arrived at 9:30 Saturday night. We went to bed planning to all meet at IHOP for breakfast Sunday morning at 8:30. That never happened because Kelly’s contractions began sometime during the night. Breakfast for the gang was canceled.

So we picked up Bryce and returned home to wait. Mark continued to give us updates throughout the day. We played cars and trains with Bryce, made chocolate chip cookies, went for a walk to visit all the neighborhood dogs, and waited some more.

Kelly and Mark gave us their sandwich orders from Beezers so we could pick it up on the way to the hospital. I hoped it would be a late night dinner order rather than a last call order, but I knew I could not complain. (Beezers closes at 3:00 am.)

The thing is, while we were impatiently waiting, baking our cookies and going out for a late afternoon stroll, Kelly was hard at work, exhausted after a very short night, not knowing when she would reach the finish line. All she knew was that at the end, she would be handed a beautiful gift—a sweet little baby named Lily.

Just a short time before midnight, we were on our way to meet Lily. She was worth the wait!



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