The Waiting Game Again- Part 1

The birth of this next baby should be a lot easier for Dad and me, but not necessarily for Kelly I realize. When Bryce was born, we were a two hour drive away from their home rather than the nine minute drive we now have. While we will have “Big Brother” to care for during this second birth, watching him seems much easier than the drama which arose shortly before he was born.

I went to hang out with Kelly prior to that birth because she was not feeling well and needed her mommy to care for her and drive her around until the big day arrived. Meanwhile, not far from Kelly’s house was Casey, who had just accepted a new job in Baltimore and was now preparing for the big move north. The new job required a drug test, which added some complications to the event.

Since Bryce was in no hurry to meet us, Kelly’s doctor chose a date, February 7, to coax the little man into the world. Dad planned to drive down to Charleston to meet me at the hospital that morning.

However, the night before, Casey was involved in quite a fender bender after the drug test (It was not her fault, by the way, and there were no injuries to anyone but her car, which “died” in the mishap). I was still at Kelly’s house when I received the rather hysterical phone call from Casey, who had just had the accident not far from her Summerville apartment. I realized that it would take me a very long time to reach her because it was near rush hour, so I contacted my cousin, Ellen. Not only did Ellen live nearby, but she also had worked as a police officer so was well-versed in police speak. She calmed Casey, helped find a place to have the car towed, and instructed me to meet them at a restaurant off the interstate. All this happened on February 6. Thank you, Ellen.

The following day, Dad helped Casey sift through the paperwork with the insurance company and arrange for a rental car. Finally, finally, finally we were all at the hospital, along with Mark’s parents, awaiting Bryce’s grand entrance. Jamie was in New Jersey awaiting a snowstorm and, in typical Jamie style, checking in with us at regular intervals.

Now, three years later, I am feeling a sense of déjà vu. Kelly has been given her date to check into the hospital if little “Jane Doe” does not come on her own. This time, rather than waiting at the hospital to meet our newest grandchild and watch her get weighed and measured, we will be at our home with Bryce, where he will stay until he is called to meet his baby sister.

Gigi and Pops are driving in from New Orleans and will be staying with us. The excitement is beginning to build. What will she look like and how will Bryce react when he realizes there will be a little princess moving into his castle?

I wrote this on January 9 and wondered when we would have the answer. I suspect “Princess Jane Doe” may arrive before the tiger faces the elephant Monday night in Arizona. It’s just a feeling.

Stay tuned for Part 2.


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