She Had What Removed?

You were easy children regarding your health. Except for the one childhood disease which none of you escaped—chicken pox—I did not have to deal with many scary visits to the hospital. There was the one late-night visit to the Emergency Room with Jamie which I feared was appendicitis, but we were sent home after being told it was just gas.

The biggest hospitalization involved Casey, who had two minor surgical procedures performed in the hospital when she was in third and (I think) fourth grade. It involved the removal of what was medically called a ganglion cyst, which was a hard, painful lump on her left hand. We all know Casey is a lefty, so the surgery could not be delayed. We never referred to it by the proper name. Are you kidding? Leave it to imaginative Casey to invent her own name. It was her “googly.” Casey went to the hospital for her googly.

Casey was always outgoing and very funny, and it turned out that hospital drugs magnified this personality trait. Before going into the operating room, she had the nurses and staff in stitches with her nonstop commentary about the impending doom from her operation.

When she returned the following year to have another one removed, one of the nurses from the original googly was working that day and told the other nurses on duty the antics of Casey from the previous googly removal. Casey and her googly were unforgettable.

Casey's Googly

Casey’s Googly


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