You’d Love Me Even If…

I found a card from Jamie, and debated on whether to wait until May to share it with you because it’s a Mother’s Day card. Since I don’t know when I will run out of material and Kelly is approaching motherhood again at any moment, I decided I would devote a few posts to this day.

You were in third grade when you gave me this card, Jamie, and I am wondering if there is any psychological significance to the fact that I am standing outside alone next to a tree on a sunny day. I am wearing a yellow and purple outfit, and my shoes are coordinated to my ensemble. You did not forget to add matching yellow earrings. Were your sisters as fashion conscious at this age also?

It’s nice to know that your love for me was not just out of obligation since you said you would love me even if I were your neighbor. Did you love me more than our neighbors Marcia, Margaret and the Han family? I hope so!

I didn’t always like your behavior, and I know you were not always thrilled with the consequences doled out to you when you misbehaved. I am happy it did not affect your love for me.

Your clothes and shoes never had designer labels, but apparently your JC Penney apparel impressed you. I never knew that food was not a requirement to being a parent.

Children are easily satisfied. Feed them, throw some clothes on them, and stir in lots of love. I grew up with a lot less as a child, and never felt deprived because I always felt the love. It touches me so much, Jamie, to know that nine year old you would not want to live in a world without me.

Mothers Day Card pic- Jamie Mothers Day Card- Jamie


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