The Waiting Game

Every year, New Year’s Eve comes faster. I don’t like that the number of years keeps ticking higher, but I enjoy the excitement of wondering what the new year will bring. In our family, 2016 will bring a little girl. I was wrong when I asked Will History Repeat Itself, because Kelly did not go into labor after having a big Italian dinner with us like I did the night before she was born. We will not be welcoming a 2015 baby.

Each night when I go to sleep, I wonder if this will be the one when the telephone will ring at 2 a.m., calling us to babysit because “it’s time.” I look at Kelly and remember the exhaustion I felt before each of you was born and know she is now wondering what the future will bring. I thought, each time, what did I get myself into and could I do it? Somehow it just all works out.

Will Bryce excitedly hold his new sister like Jamie did with Casey, telling us all that “she is mine?” Or will he cry and act out in anger like Kelly did when Jamie destroyed her solo life with us? Will he encourage his baby sister to dive head first from our bed, or will she teach him to sit quietly and play with her toys? Or will it be something in the middle? What will the dynamics be like between these two new siblings, because this family knows only of the interactions between either two boys or three girls? All I know is that we are backstage just waiting for the signal for the show to begin.3 Little Girls


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