Afghans and Sock Monkeys

As I sat on my sofa catching up on “the show,” my head brushed against the blanket draped behind me. Despite being dressed in jeans and sneakers, I thought, “You are Grandma.” While my memories of Grandma’s mother never included pants of any sort, I do associate her with her daily stories. I particularly remember her being an avid fan of “As the World Turns.”

The blanket was one of the many afghans my grandma made. Mine is red, black, gray, and white. I can picture her sitting in her chair, as she adeptly maneuvered the crochet hook to turn a skein of yarn into a beautiful cozy afghan. I wonder how many she made, and how many of her children and grandchildren own one of her creations.

When I was shopping at Mast General Store, my eyes were draw to a monkey which was identical to one of Grandma’s creations. It was called a sock monkey. Maybe now that I am a grandma of almost two, I should learn how to make one.

You know about the sleepovers with the cousins, but that all ended when she sold the house and moved in with Aunt Marian and Uncle Tony in 1967. So while I remember those sleepovers and my room at her house, my more vivid memory is seeing her sitting in her chair in her room at the top of the back stairs in the house down the street rather than in the house next to ours.

She always had a smile on her face, but I don’t ever think of her as someone that took me for walks or got down on the floor to play with me, or read me stories or sing me songs. Will my grandchildren remember that I did this with them?

So I wonder what your strongest memories of Grandma and Grandpa are. Do you remember them playing with you or do you mostly recall them, particularly Grandpa, sitting in a chair in their living room. And girls, do you have any memories of Grandma Rita?

Grandma's Afghan
Grandma’s Afghan

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