It’s 1983 Again!

This is the first Christmas since 1983 that Dad and I will be waking up alone. Thirty-two years with our homes filled with babies, little girls, teenagers, and young adults. Last year we spent the night at Kelly and Mark’s house so we could be there to see Bryce put out his cookies for Santa and watch him open his presents. Santa brought a train table, which eclipsed every other present he received. It reminded me of the years all of you wanted nothing but to play with the boxes and wrapping paper. But this year, we’ll go over in the morning, so 2015 is like 1983 again.

Those Christmases were celebrated in five states—New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia and now South Carolina. We have seen snow in all of these states. Three states gave us snow around Christmas. The most surprising was the snowstorm for our third Christmas here in South Carolina, which dumped five inches the day after. All of you were with us, so despite being shocked to see snow on my palm trees (should we have moved further south??), it was fun to recreate our northern Christmases. It took creativity to go sledding with nothing more than cardboard boxes, but they did the trick.

I sent very few cards this year despite having the cards and stamps, but we received little as well. My time was filled with babysitting a lot more lately because Kelly needed the help. The new baby is coming any day now! My time was spent reading and writing, and I figured no one would notice the absence of a card from me. Like the handwritten letters, I predict Christmas cards will someday be a thing of the past.

So this year will start like 1983, and then morph into 1984 when we had only one child to spend the day with. We will have to figure out a new tradition or two to fill the emptiness. Casey wants to toast the holiday with Sweet Baby Jesus beer via Facetime, which is so Casey, and Jamie, you need to either join us or figure out our own new thing to do when we are apart. I just can’t stop the changes so I need to adapt.

Merry Christmas!

South Carolina- December 26, 2010
                South Carolina- December 26, 2010

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