It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask

When I moved to South Carolina, I became a fan of Publix supermarket. Their customer service was particularly attractive, something that was recently shown to be off the charts for me.

Growing up in New Jersey, I was accustomed to bagging my groceries as the cashier was scanning each item. It’s just what you did. When we first moved to North Carolina, I was actually reprimanded for doing so at the Harris Teeter supermarket in our neighborhood because, “You will have to put the groceries away when you get home, ma’am, so you should let us do it here.” They even offered to bring my groceries to the car.

Like Harris Teeter, Publix also bags my groceries and will bring them to my car, but I have rarely had them do this because it makes me feel lazy. But on nice days, I think the baggers truly want me to say yes just so they can get out in the lovely Carolina sunshine.

I took a video, which I showed to Grandma, when I had multiple people unloading the food from the cart as two people bagged my groceries. I truly felt like a princess on that day.

What makes Publix the best is what they recently did for me. Dad spoke to a manager when they discontinued his favorite variety of Ronzoni pasta after he learned it was still in production. The Publix manager told Dad he would get some for him. Then Dad handed the phone to me because he knew I was disappointed when I could no longer find one of my favorite products in any store. I didn’t want to have the conversation, but Dad thought there was no harm in asking.

There is a particular flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream that I love more than any other. It is my guilty pleasure, which is actually quite healthy because it is filled with fruit and yogurt—Raspberry Chocolate Chunk Greek Frozen Yogurt. How can than not be encouraged as a healthy dessert by anyone in the medical field?

I looked for it in New Jersey and I have gone to the B & J’s website looking for where to buy it. The answer is “Nowhere!”  (It is like the kiss of death to any television show I like and then invariably gets cancelled.) So I took the phone from Dad and asked the very nice manager at my local Publix about getting the frozen yogurt.  Not only did he say he would get it for me, he assured me he would keep some in the back freezer so it would always be available. I should have known, after years of writing letters to teachers and even perfect strangers, that there is no harm in asking.

This conversation happened just a few short weeks ago and yesterday, in my grocer freezer was…. Ben and Jerry’s Raspberry Chocolate Chunk Frozen Greek Yogurt! Merry Christmas to me from Publix!

And may I add, their commercials will bring tears to your eyes. There is a certain aunt in our family that will not be able to watch this year’s Christmas commercial without crying big wet sloppy tears. (You know who she is and so does she!)  Publix Christmas 2015

It's Back!
It’s Back!

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