The Secret is Out

There comes a time in your life when you decide you don’t care what everyone else thinks. You have to be yourself, and if people can’t accept you, well then it just does not matter. It’s time to stop hiding the secret.

I admit I am envious of my friends who have always been honest about their true selves, but I don’t tell my friends for fear of the ridicule. I have heard the snickers and comments. The three of you have always known, and Dad has always been truly supportive of me. So why do I feel this way? Why do people mock people like me?

I was riding in the car the other day when I had this revelation. It’s time to tell all my friends my secret. Here it is: I like Barry Manilow. I don’t like Led Zepplin or Janis Joplin, enjoy only a few songs of the Rolling Stones, and quite frankly, don’t listen to Classic Vinyl on my satellite radio.

Dad has been a real trooper throughout our marriage. When I was pregnant with Kelly, we went to see Barry at Radio City with Mickey and Ivonne, who was pregnant with Mikey. We went out for barbeque before the concert, and then the guys dropped us off at the door while they found a place to park. I had a great time and Barry put on a wonderful show. I think Dad enjoyed it, but don’t tell his friends.

When we were living in Atlanta, Dad got me tickets to see Barry for my birthday. The concert had to be rescheduled because of snow (in Georgia!), but twenty-four years after that first concert, I enjoyed him just as much as the first time.

Barry’s music has always put a smile on my face, and now I don’t have to hide my feelings any longer. When I hear “Copacabana,” I think of our honeymoon, because that song was blasting through the lobby of our hotel in Aruba.

“Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There” and “I Am Stuck on Band-Aids” are both jingles written by Barry. “Can’t Smile Without You” reminds me of Aunt Lorraine because I recall sitting at Aunt Marian’s house and hearing her sing it. That song is on my special playlist. You all know the one I am talking about.

So you know what? Anyone who didn’t know and now reads this knows my secret music crush. Frankie Valli is second to Barry, but somehow, he is acceptable. Frankie has the Broadway show, but not Barry. How come Aunt Ar can go see Billy Joel forty-two times and we all love her for it? Dad loves Steely Dan and Jamie just loves meeting celebrities. So my thing is Barry Manilow. The time has come. Now you know. Do you still love me?



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