Published Somewhere

Four out of five of us have been published in some form. Kelly and Casey were published in their college newspaper, The Daily Gamecock, which was read by thousands. Kelly’s contributions were as their photographer, while Casey wrote an opinion column.  Casey also had a news article published in the local town paper, The Neighbor News, when she was in fourth grade and was a columnist for her high school newspaper, ECHO (East Chapel Hill High Observer). Both Jamie and Casey were contributing writers to a teen column–MCTV (Morris County Teen Voices)– in our New Jersey county newspaper, The Daily Record. So all three of you dabbled in some form of journalism, but none of you chose that as your career.

Dad co-authored a chapter in a technical book: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients: Development, Manufacturing and Regulation. He has received a few small payments so to me that makes him a professional writer. (However, I don’t envision it will ever be a book club read.) While I have spent six years writing the book about Grandpa, Do Svidanya Dad, it is still just sitting on my computer and kindle while I try to figure out what to do with it. I guess I can mention the family history book I co-authored with Aunt Marian, but the readership was extremely small and consisted of only family members, which is why I don’t count me among those family members who have been published.

Did I ever mention my year as a journalist? It was during the late sixties when I wrote for my junior high newspaper, The Jaguar. The audience was extremely small yet larger than the family history book. Our staff worked very hard to publish our paper each month, and at the time, it was important to me.

So for now I write these stories for the three of you. Maybe someday Bryce and his sister and any other children which may come along someday will read them. I hope that with each one, you either learn something new or are reminded of a memory that has been buried for years.

John Hill Jaguar


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