Just Shoes, Socks, and a Smile

I will never forget that night. It was an usually warm Thursday evening in early March of my freshman year in college. I remember being in my room, when suddenly, I heard a roar from above me as the excited girls in my dorm ran at lightning speed to the windows at the back of the building. We heard the rumors that “tonight is the night,” but did not know for sure until that moment.

We all ran to the windows and peaked outside, and there they were–two hundred buck-naked streakers running around the building. I remember laughing, and cheering as they passed, and then we ran across the hall to glimpse them again as they circled around to the front. The group was composed primarily of men, with a sprinkling of a few women. The student newspaper which reported the article the next day claimed that six of the two hundred uninhibited revelers were women.

Most wore nothing but sneakers and a scarf. Most of them ran together, but I can still recall one lone male student, who got left behind as he tied his shoe. Was he as confident as the others when he was running alone?

Our school did not break the current record that night. Apparently, the Georgia Bulldogs of the University of Georgia claimed the record with 1543 naked students running around the campus under the watchful eyes of 15000 observers.

There were no punishments, as I recall. As long as they stayed on  campus, everyone just enjoyed the entertainment. Even the Oscars that year were surprised by a streaker. And then as suddenly as it began, it was over—just a memory of the spring of 1974.

Streakers- Rutgers University March 1974
Streakers- Rutgers University March 1974

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