If I Could Be Anybody

We came from a family of writers. You may have seen the album filled with notes from my brothers and sisters to each other, the tooth fairy, Santa, and Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma would find them under a pillow, on the floor, or sailed, paper-airplane style, down the stairs. Hopefully someone knows where to find them.

I thought it was a great idea, so over the years, I collected your notes and some of the cuter assignments from your early school years. I am going to choose a few of my favorites for you all to see. Kelly is the first victim.

In second grade, Kelly was given an assignment titled:   If I could be anybody.

Here’s what she said.

If I could be anybody I’d be me.

I have a nice family and good friends.

I’m good at drawing and gymnastics.

I have a nice teacher. I do not want to be anyone else.

I do fun things. Also, this summer my family and my cousins are going to the shore.

So I just want to be me.

That year, you had Mrs. O’John. I do not believe she ever had a student who didn’t love her to death, and we were a lucky family to all have had her. She was kind and sweet and loving, and I can only hope that Jamie’s students feel the same way about her in years to come.

The shore vacation was one of our trips to Long Beach Island with the Duffords. That is a subject for another time.

Enjoying gymnastics was probably inherited from Aunt Ellen and certainly not me. I detested gymnastics and had a few tricks up my sleeves to avoid that class. Again, that is a discussion for another day.

As a mom, for me and now for you, having your child say that she does not want to be anyone else makes me feel like I was doing a good job—at least in 1992. Do you still feel the same way, Kelly?


If I could Be Anybody
If I could Be Anybody

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