With grandchild number two on the way, I decided to investigate how Kelly, as the mother of both of these children, prepared and reacted to becoming a big sister. It will be interesting to make comparisons between Kelly as a big sister and her son as a big brother.

We began the move into your new bed three months before the big event, but Kelly, you stubbornly refused to leave your crib until your new room was completely ready, which meant your “little girl sheets” (Sesame Street themed), “little girl lamps” (Care Bear lamp and Big Bird lamp), and shelves to display all your stuffed friends. It will be interesting to note if a little boy will be as concerned about décor as you were. I will be watching!

Was it the age, or was it the observations of the impending changes which resulted in the disappearance of Kelly? Suddenly, you were someone else. One day you were Maria from the Sound of Music, complete with a big “Maria hat”, and another time you were Cinderella. I was the fairy godmother and Dad, of course, was the Prince. (He was not surprised.) If anyone dared to call you “Kelly”, there would be hell to pay and you would not even respond.

I am sorry to say, Kelly, that you were not very welcoming to your new sister. On her first night home, you cried for two hours because you did not like to see me feeding her or Dad holding her. So we got you a baby doll of your own who you named Chris, and you would sit beside me and nurse Chris while I nursed Jamie.

It was a two-week reign of terror, and the only successful punishment was for us to throw away your favorite snacks—Fruit Wrinkles. Until then, you realize it was literally fruitless (ha, ha) to continue that behavior. Jamie was not leaving, so you accepted the inevitable fact that you now had to share the throne with another princess. You then became a big helper and told us, “I love her. She’s my friend.”

Kelly and Baby Jamie

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