The Letter

It’s tough being the middle child, and I am sure it would be argued by some that position number two is not nearly as unfair as that of the last child. Yet this year, I realized that you were the only one without a slide-show video. If that is the barometer for family equality, then you win at being born in the worst spot. Also, you never had the advantage of being alone as both of your sisters did at some point.

This is a commentary which has nothing to do with what I have chosen to write about today, but I just want you to know I understand.

I considered discussing our Christmas traditions and how you reacted to the holiday. Then I looked through your baby book and almost chose Halloween, but in the end, I have decided to discuss these holidays as a family posting and not dedicated to you. I wanted this to be about something unique to you. I found the letter. Carly might not like “the letter.”

We all know how much Carly loved the first President Bush. Everyone had the photo on their refrigerators of the Duffords with him on the golf course up in Kennebunkport, Maine. (That is another story for another day.) I recall hearing Aunt Ellen tell the story about how 2 ½ year old Carly cried when he lost the election to President Clinton. (I always had trouble believing that one!)

Clearly, you and Carly were at odds politically, because according to “the letter”, which you wrote when you were 5 ½, you were not unhappy when the election results were reported.

You wrote: (this is just an excerpt)

          Me and my family would like you and our family to come to my house. We have deer in               our backyard. I want you to see me and my sisters rooms. I want you to win the election…           I want to see you in the White House someday.

You never met him, but you did shake his hand when he came to Elon University and have his photo to add to your celebrity album.

Bill Clinton- Elon University 2009
Bill Clinton- Elon University 2009

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