Invisible Friends

Today I pulled out your baby books, so I now have all those written words to supplement my memories. (I will avoid the embarrassing ones.) Since Casey, as the youngest, was always last, I decided to start with her.

It turns out that Casey, like her godmother Aunt Ar, had an invisible friend. I texted her with this information and she claimed to remember. However, Casey, when I asked you for the name, I was ignored at first, but later, you recalled just her first name. It was Ariel Katie.

A little research told me that the movie, The Little Mermaid, was released on your birthday. This is not surprising because you claim to have quite the connection with her. On your second birthday, you got an Ariel doll and an Ariel outfit.

I admit I didn’t remember any of this, yet I do recall that there was another friend that only my sister could see. His name was Kenny, and it seems to me that she even set a place at the table for him. Perhaps she will fill me in with more details.

Apparently, by age three, Casey had quite a vocabulary, and she told us that she was taught most of her big words by Ariel Katie. One day, Jamie told her a very long-winded story about swimming, and Casey turned to her and said, “Jamie, you’re too complicated with all these details.”

Her first dentist appointment was shortly after her third birthday, and she was understandably nervous. When she couldn’t find the right words to explain her feelings, Ariel Katie was there for her. She couldn’t wait to go because the dentist had a prize machine, but she told me, “Mom, I’m apprehensive.”

Thanks to your invisible friend, Casey, you have never been at a loss for the right words to say. And by the way, a really nice random fact about you is that you first smiled at six weeks. The recipient of that grin was Aunt Marian.

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